Recommendations for non-tech giant e mail suppliers and notes storage | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Q: We have been making use of Earthlink for DSL and e-mail providers for the…

Q: We have been making use of Earthlink for DSL and e-mail providers for the very last 18 years or so. We finally switched to Xfinity for online and of training course it is substantially more quickly. We at this time are looking for a new electronic mail supplier. I really do not want to use Gmail due to the fact I don’t want to help Big Tech any extra than I have to. I don’t brain spending for a great service. I’ve found some evaluations on the internet for ProtonMail but it seems like it’s designed for criminals since it will make these kinds of a position about its privateness policies. Any recommendations?

Carolyn Righi

A: Coincidentally, I just moved my wife’s business enterprise electronic mail account to ProtonMail. And no, she’s not a legal.

We built the transfer for trustworthiness. We had been encountering mail outages, browse/unread tags disappearing and the like. That does not slash the mustard if you are striving to operate a small business.

And sure, we really do not like the strategy of Google or Microsoft using resources to scan our e-mails for info.

ProtonMail is the most safe e-mail support service provider. Its servers are in Switzerland, which has extremely strong privacy guidelines. Of course, that may perhaps attraction to criminals but it appeals to me, far too.

ProtonMail does give a totally free variation that you can attempt, while it restrictions you to 150 messages per working day and 500 megabytes of storage. You can obtain out more at

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Q: Meg Kibben’s query from a prior column may have been referring to Telecoil, a capacity used for people with hearing loss.

Dick Knudson

A: For audience who skipped it, Kibben wrote in inquiring about cellphones that are appropriate with induction coils, the technologies employed in wireless charging.

It is doable that she meant telecoils, but irrespective of whether she did or not telecoils are worthy of recognizing about.

A telecoil is a modest induction choose-up coil that can be developed into a listening to aid. It can be linked to appropriate cellphones to provide louder functionality.

Listening to aids run in one particular of two modes: acoustic coupling or telecoil coupling. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) assigns ratings of 1 to 4 for each modes to cellphones, with a rating of 4 delivering the finest efficiency. If you have a hearing assist that works by using acoustic coupling, test for the cellphone’s M rating. If you have a listening to support that employs telecoil coupling appear for the cellphone’s T rating. 

Q: For years, I’ve held notes of all types in Evernote. Now, anything is incorrect. I’m locked out and cannot incorporate or retrieve my notes. What to do?

And, if Evernote is no longer obtainable, what’s a comparable practical substitute?

Thanks for your tips.

Jonis Davis

A: Evernote, which was a standalone software for controlling notes, is now a subscription company. There is a free of charge model that lets you to upload and handle 60 megabytes of notes per thirty day period. You can come across out additional at

A well known alternative is OneNote a standalone program that’s element of the Microsoft 365 business office suite.

Q: For the past few times quite a few of my friends on Facebook have posted the dilemma,”Do you specifically/individually know anybody that has experienced the Covid 19 virus,” alongside with their reply. The problem is presented as “Question by anyone on Fb.” When I have requested, my close friends say they did not make the issue. Is there a way to locate out who the “somebody” is who created the query? If I reply does that someone get any additional information about me aside from my reaction?

Tim O’Connor

A: There is an application termed AskMeAnonymously for Facebook that will allow buyers to question concerns anonymously. And let’s face it, a lot of men and women really like to remedy polls.

The application also seems in the Google Play Store.

My advice is to resist the temptation to answer. Some persons reportedly use this kind of polls to troll for passwords that you may possibly use.

How quite a few young children do you have? What’s your most loved coloration? For a time, my wife employed “threekids” as a password.